Home Sweet…Home? [Micah]



What? I’m home?

I can’t believe it.

Two weeks ago today I left Lakeside. I can’t believe Ireland has come and gone. These past two weeks have been a whirlwind of hugs, hellos, and catching up with friends I’ve missed dearly. I live about 30 minuets away from JBU so I have been able to spend a decent amount of time with both friends and family.

I have been asked countless times “Oh Micah, how was your trip?!” Can I just tell you- that is the hardest question to answer. How am I supposed to sum up the past three months of my life in a few short sentences? I want so badly to be able to communicate with those close to me, and even strangers, just how incredibly wonderful this past semester has been, but words just don’t cut it. I just find myself saying over and over “oh my, it was incredible, it was so incredible. It was wonderful. Trip of a lifetime.”

Amongst the array of variations of that question, one sweet friend asked me to describe Ireland in two words. It has been my favorite question and really the one that I feel best sums up my semester. So I wanted to share my answer with you. I hope it begins to paint a decent picture for you of just how much of an impact these past three months have had on my life.

Two Words

Rest: Ireland was such a season of rest for me. The Lord knew that I was tired. Tired in every sense of the word (mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally, you name it, I was tired). Life at JBU has always been so wonderful but I was ready for a change of pace. Ireland was a beautiful change of pace. It was such a season of renewal

Perspective: Ireland, being so far away from all that I have ever known, gave me a different perspective on a lot of things in life: relationships, school, family, future, and most importantly my walk with the Lord. When you move away from what has been “normal” for so long, it’s like coming up for a fresh breath of air.

Being home has been such a joy. The first day I was home I felt like I was living in a dream and I would wake up in Ireland at any moment. These days Ireland seems like a dream and I already catch myself wishing to open my eyes to the green grass, blue skies, and the sound of wind and rain. The littlest of things will remind me of my time there. I hope that never changes. I hope to always be reminded of the gift of rest I received, the fresh perspective I gained, the people I met, and the place I called home.

Thanks so much for following my journey across the water. I hope, if anything, I have given you a glimpse of the Lord’s faithfulness in my life. This trip was truly a blessing, a gift from the Lord. If you have any questions about my trip or the JBU Irish Studies program, just leave a comment. I would love to answer any question I can and tell you more about Ireland, my semester, and JBU. Thanks again.

Have a Merry Christmas


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